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ahh the calm of the evening
Posted on 2020.03.11 at 04:08
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
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into the wilderness
Posted on 2020.03.11 at 04:07
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Relationship and all that will be here!

[Why yes, Reimu has been returned from a Mallynap. She's currently sitting in the snow, shivering, silently cursing the Malnosso. She knows what they did. She is not happy. She is going to Fantasy Seal their asses when she gets the chance.

For now though, it's time for her to get home.

...later, however, she will finally ask for some help getting to her home. Well, as best she can, that is. This snow is not nice, and it's hindering her ability to fly with how cold it is. She'll be flying upward, start shivering, and then float down. So, help it is.]

An-cay Enyone-ay elp-hey ee-may?

[....fffffuuuuuu. Right. Malnosso. Talking is ridiculous, in this... Pig Latin thing. So she'll write it instead.]

Can anyone help me? It's kind of cold outside.

[...right, revenge later. Warmth needs to be now.]

[ooc: small note: turned on custom commenting. :( sorry. the new stuff kills me.]

gdit no gtfo


Posted on 2011.12.14 at 19:48
[Reimu is in her new home, drinking tea when it all happens. Once the bots bust in, Reimu stares at them lazily.]

Want some tea? Nah, more for me, you don't look like you'd drink it.

[But once the "kidnapping" part kicks in...]

Hey! I'm not going anywhere! At least let me bring along my tea, I just made it!

[...so anyone who sees this will see the bots, as per usual, carrying off a shrine maiden... still drinking her tea. Possibly complaining that they're making her spill it.]

[Oh, it's that place with wings. Again. It's been a while. Only, it's cold. And it's kind of snowing. Not the best way to arrive in a sundress.

Either way, Reimu will grab her journal, flip it open, and ask:]

So, there any youkai here currently? If there are, I'd like to know who. I can at least keep this place free of any rogue youkai running around. [She's hoping for a 'no' to that question.]


[Here is your option 2, Luceti. Assuming she's told that hey, her bffs are here from Gensokyo too, she'll be stomping toward the village (after flying some distance and yelling at the Malnosso that they're assholes), muttering under her breath.]

...ally, I could have had a vacation from troublesome people, but nooooo, "Tee hee we're here too, Reimu!" is told me instead! Just thinking about a break from incidents was enough to make my mouth water...

[...and so on, and so forth.]

[Lucky for Reimu, the rain has already woken her up and she's... just sitting in the spot she woke up in.]

This is going to put a damper on that "protecting the border" thing, isn't it?

[sigh. fhl.]